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Custom action figures

Photo swiped & cropped from Wired

A while ago, Wired ran an article on action figure modding. It's an interesting concept but I wasn't blown away by any of the examples in their gallery (except the seriously awesome Skeletor shown above). Then I saw Jin Saotome's Master Chief on Kotaku. I was so impressed by the incredible level of detail on this 8-inch figure, I'd be proud to own it, even though I don't play Halo.

I would love to have a modder selling these at a Craftstravaganza, except the price would probably have to be somewhere on the scale of a customized Blythe doll. Master Chief is on eBay and bidding is already over $300 with four and a half days to go!


Jhenn said...

I love the one of Master Chief with the sticky bomb on his head!!

Get some old toys at goodwill, get some polymer clay (like Fimo) and mod! The most expensive thing would probably be nice paint. Make your own collectible toys!

Sui Generis said...

Unfortunately I don't have the patience for sculpting or the skill for airbrushing... or the tools for either! It does look like fun though.