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I touched a shark

My wife and I recently visited Underwater World in the Mall of America. I have been there several times since it opened, but this was the first time I stuck my hand in the pool filled with sharks and manta rays. The rays had streaks running down their spines where their skin had been rubbed away by overzealous petters. This made me sad.


The Goodfellas said...

i am so scared of manta rays now! (in light of what happened to the crocodile hunter...) were you kind of scared of getting stung?

Sui Generis said...


Intellectually, I know they wouldn't put dangerous animals in a place where children are encouraged to reach. Supposedly, the worst you can do is startle the animals and get splashed. But it was still a little scary to stick my hand into shark-(and stingray-)infested waters.

Jhenn said...

Sting rays are very gentle creatures. They remind me of cats actually, playing and rubbing up to get petted. This actually started my unhealthy love of stingrays.
Its a shame the freak accident had to happen to a good guy trying to save animals.