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Dessa & her Doomtree friends at Grand Old Day

Photo by ThunderChild5 from Flickr

I'm very impressed with local hiphop artists in the Twin Cities. Like some kind of musical Voltron, Minneapolis and St. Paul combine to form a scene with so much talent, it's silly. Actually, that's exactly what happened with the family of DJs, MCs and producers who became Doomtree.

On Sunday (Grand Old Day) I watched Doomtreer Dessa perform with members of live hiphop unit Heiruspecs. There was a parade of special unannounced guests throughout the set, including Jessy Greene on violin, fellow Doomtree MC SIMS, and Heiruspecs lead MC Felix. It was freaking incredible. When I got home, I warned my wife, "I'm going to be listening to a lot more hiphop for a while."

Listen with me, won't you?


drvono said...

Yeah, our hip-hop scene is surprisingly good - Rhymesayers is really putting is on the map with Brother Ali, Atmosphere, P.O.S., etc.

drvono said...

Of course I meant "putting us on the map," not is.

Jhenn said...

There's already a DoomTree! and they own!! I like them = )

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