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Two rabbit tales

I have two tales to tell: one with a happy ending, and one horror story. First, a preface. There's a big hole in the yard by the side of our house leading to a basement egress window. It's around 3-4 feet square and a vertical drop of about 5-6 feet.

One day, not long ago, I looked down into this pit and spotted the little fellow that you see above. He was scared, but otherwise undamaged. I climbed down a ladder, scooped the bunny up in a towel, and deposited him back on ground level. He quickly hopped away and ate the buds off our flowers.

My wife and I talked about maybe covering the hole with something to prevent another hapless creature tumbling down the precipice. Unfortunately, we were too late to save the Hole's next victim, a rabbit corpse swarming with flies by the time we discovered it. On the bright side, if there is one, I didn't have to pick it up. By the next day it had been reduced to a skull and some bits of fluff. Two days later, it was entirely gone. The circle of life goes on!

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