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on the left/top: view from the shore on Little Exuma, where we drove on the first day.
right/bottom: view of the February Point bay, from the porch of our second-story bedroom.


kristine said...

The way it is now, I can see it fine in 1056x792. But I don't know what it looked like before.

drvono said...

You jerk! Don't hassle me about my resolution! As a webmaster, you must cater to the needs of your lowest customer, not make them cater to yours. YOU have a low resolution (What that means, I'm not entirely sure)!

BTW, it does look fine to me in 1152x864.

sui generis said...

What do I know? My web-mastery is not what it once was. Maybe I just have a wonky monitor here at work, but do whatever works for you!

p.s. who you callin' a jerk, dorkface? :)