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The going gets weird

MobyLives offers additional thoughts on Hunter S. Thompson today. That site doesn't offer permalinks, so I'm paraphrasing for posterity:

"the body of the late maverick journalist will be cremated this week and his ashes blasted from a cannon across his sprawling ranch in Woody Creek, Colo.,"
"What worries me is that Thompson's suicide may now make it easier for the forces of reaction to dismiss his achievement... just remember that Cato himself fell on his sword rather than live in a world ruled by Caesar..."
"To paraphrase Joe Hill, don't mourn, read. Pick up 'Hell's Angels,' or either of Thompson's 'Fear and Loathing"' books... only Hunter Thompson knows why he did himself in. Speculation consoles nobody. All that's left is to keep reading those angry, funny, deeply patriotic books of his."

Good advice. I was just looking at 'Hell's Angels' on the day before his death, and it has been summarily bumped to the top of my To Be Read pile. For more collected articles on H.S. Thompson, go to the Guardian.

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