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Wine is good

¿Nos tomamos algo?, originally uploaded by alfonstr.

In 2006, I won a box of wine from Crush, via a contest at Dr. Vino. To pay it forward, so to speak, I promised to review each of those six bottles as I drank them. But there was a problem. This wine was out of my league.

I'm excellent at enjoying wine, but ill-equipped to quantify or define the experience. The cheap wine that I'm more likely to pick up is relatively easy to differentiate: "tastes like jet fuel" for example, or "smells like feet." In contrast, I lack the breadth of experience to distinguish the nuances of fine wine.

Simply put, I knew that it was good, but I was hard-pressed to explain why it was good. And so, with apologies to the good doctor, I will happily remain an amateur appreciator and leave the reviews to a pro.

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