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A delicious return to the world of wine blogging!

I'll cut to the punchline: I won some wine!

Thanks to Dr. Vino for providing this prize for his wine knowledge quiz. I answered ten questions correctly and won the grand reward drawing for a half-case of wine selected at Crush Wine Co. in NYC.

This is the first time I've had wine shipped, and it worked like a charm. I had to be home to sign for the delivery, but luckily it arrived on my day off work. Everything's coming up Andy. These are some decent selections of vino, a cut above what I'd generally buy, and I can't wait to pop them open. To celebrate their arrival, I did sample the bottle of Burgundy. It was like getting punched in the mouth... with flavor!! I'm beginning to think I may just not care for the French style of Pinot Noir? Anyway, I drank it happily and just need an excuse to try the next five. Who is ready to party?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome! So do you have any bottles left! Time to celebrate i think! haha.