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Nutrition logging site review

Reykjavík, originally uploaded by Stebbi.

I gave up on FitDay for tracking my daily nutritional intake. The interface is decent, but there were some glaring problems that quickly discouraged me from using it. For one, their food database was woefully inadequate. I could have forgiven this, except that it also automatically logs you out after an hour or so, so you have to log back in multiple times over the course of a day. I would have forgiven this in 1997, but not in 2007.

Next I explored Calorie Count, which is owned by Enough said? My least favorite feature was the weird lack of Google-standard automatic "and" queries, so that adding terms will expand your search results, instead of refining them. For now I've switched to The Daily Plate, a very Web 2.0 application with a massive user-submitted database and lots of fancy features.

As a dietary footnote, I tried taking fish oil supplements today. It's great to get those Omega fats, but there is a ghastly side effect. Every time I burp, it tastes like I'm vomiting salmon.


Jhenn said... is good

Anonymous said...

i've never had any problems taking fish oil.

Sui Generis said...

Jhenn: thanks for the recommendation! Something weird happened with The Daily Plate and I lost today's food record, so I might be checking out sparkpeople soon.

Mands: how have you been? I haven't heard from you in ages. Email me please!