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Blog rewind: remember October?

Day 95: Rewind, originally uploaded by little_trouble_girl.

I was so focused on my novelling in November that I never recapped my successful completion of October's goal. It appears that I did, in fact, write one post per day throughout the month (and then some). It was fun!

While I was writing, a lot of folks were reading the blog too. One of my October posts caught the eye of a radio producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Company. At his request, I called him up and recorded my story about getting stuck in the Pirates ride at Disney World when I was a kid. I will post more on this later, when/if it's aired.

Blogging was sparse in November except for my photo-posts. But I didn't spend every waking hour writing a novel, and my life went on in the meantime, so I have some saved-up material for posts. I'll try to catch up in the coming days.


drvono said...

Wow, you'll be famous! Canada

66 charger said...

Reciting a story about getting stuck in the pirates ride at disney world must have been really exciting. Will look forward for more updates.