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Science boy

Owning a home means, to me, that I now have a "home base" for learning about science and nature! Will Wright's upcoming game Spore has reignited my interest in natural sciences, from cellular biology on up to astronomy. As I get older, I'm learning that the stuff I thought was cool when I was a kid is still awesome. I've always had a fondness for those misunderstood and unappreciated creatures, the bugs. I found this little fellow lurking beneath a decorative pond that I've left partially unfinished for a couple of weeks now. Before he scuttled away, I got a good look at him and ran inside to consult What's That Bug? dot com. There, I learned that he is "a Sow Bug Killer, Dysdera crocota. They are one of the few predators that will eat sow bugs which have an unleasant taste." What a useful spider!


Jenna said...

Hey Science Boy!!! Do you also have a super-human thirst for knowledge???

The Goodfellas said...

ee! i have developed a sudden and girlish fear of bugs. maybe cause they get so big here?
have you heard of the camel spider? you should look it up. creeeeeeepy!!!!!!