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First bat of spring

All the signs are out, it's time for change. A major announcement will be revealed on Thursday, so if you've hung on this long, you might as well check back again in two days.

The St. Paul Art Crawl was good times. The weather was freakishly hot. I went with my parents to the Bike Depot so we could pick up my dad's repaired 3-speed for the Lake Pepin tour in a month. Two of our Craftstravaganza vendors were in the building: John Carlson and "Abstracts by" Jaak. We coasted down to lowertown and did the walking tour of a couple more buildings before heading home.

It's wonderful there are so many artists around, but how would I ever hear about them if it wasn't for events like these? It's really a small world though. I was meeting a girl about a bike for sale today and she used to be neighbors with the previous Treasurer at the Bike Depot.


drvono said...

In case I don't check tomorrow, congratulations on your purchase!

The Goodfellas said...

you bought a house??