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Cline Cellars Red Truck 2002

My mother-in-law's birthday party was last night, and we brought her a bottle of Red Truck to celebrate. I enjoyed it, but realized I have a confession to make. I really have trouble telling those reds apart. I know what I like and what I hate, but beyond that, I generally can't tell one from the other. With white wine, it's another story- I can tell a Chardonnay apart from a Pinot Grigio, and if I drink two examples of the same type, I can identify a difference and pontificate on the subtleties of one v. the other. And then again I can distinguish between, for example, a Syrah and a Merlot. But give me five glasses of decent-quality Cabernet Sauvignon, and they all taste the same to me.

I'm working on it, though. I hear it's an acquired taste. I've been trying for two years to develop it, and I'll keep trying for the rest of my life if that's what it takes! What's I'm getting at is that you should read the article, supra, for a more intelligent discussion of the wine in question. My impression, for what it's worth, was favorable. Red Truck is a self-proclaimed table wine, and I drank it with a hearty homemade vegetable soup. The flavors were very complementary, and I drank my first glass pretty quickly once I started in on it. I picked up this bottle for something around $8, and it was worth it.

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Anonymous said...

I was at a wedding reception and they served me Merlot and sprite. hmm.

drvono said...

I went to a wedding once and didn't even know what type of wine they were serving because I got lost and then when I finally arrived, I had to quick try to set up because I was also the D.J. Unfortunately my pre-selected playlist of music out of iTunes wouldn't work for some reason. So, I stayed near the DJ table for the rest of the evening because my wife and I were doing it the old fasioned way (as in, playing vinyl records, you sicko). It worked out though. Hmmmmmm