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KnockMan Family instrument toys

I was at Robot Love today and became enamored with the KnockMan Family, cute little toys that you wind-up to make noise. All the figures are charming, but this one takes the cake: Pololon is a tiny guitar-man with strings you can tune (watch the video)!

I officially have too much useless plastic crap cluttering up my desk. Regardless, KnockMans have been added to my lust list. I could make room in my collection for one more gadget if I got it as a gift. Why, it could even be friends with my solar-powered Sunshine Buddy.

Pok Pok Pok...


drvono said...

Oh! Did you go to the Friends With You signing? We wanted to but we ran out of time.

Sui Generis said...

I wanted to, but we didn't get to Minneapolis until Sunday. Soovac was closed while we were there so we missed the exhibit as well. I peeked into their windows.