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Spring garden photoset

Tip of the hat to Noria Corvone, who recommended the Friends School Plant Sale. We went Saturday morning and spent the rest of the weekend planting, and we're still not done! Here are some photos of stuff that we got in the ground. Plus some old native favorites that were already in our yard when we moved in.

Peony buds about to burst forth

First blooms on my newly-planted rosebush, 'Marie Bugnet'

Morden Blush, my other shrub rose, just beginning to bud

Something pretty that Jenna picked out--dig the geometric shapes

A stark black annual flower in our front garden along the path

Tiny supernova of colour in a neighboring annual

Iris, planted before we moved in, and doing quite fine

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drvono said...

We mostly went the edible route and got a lot of herbs and vegetables, but we did get some nice flowers too. Your peonies look great (I have peonies envy?). They were pretty picked over when we got ours, but Noria found some gems.