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Office art

A blog I used to read daily, which has since disappeared, recently posted about office art--small works created in short time, in a cubicle, with whatever materials are at hand. I was immediately reminded of the above piece, but it took me a while to track it down. Then it took me another week to post it.

I created this tiny icon during my employment at the cube farm where I worked a few years ago. It incorporates blue ink, colored pencil, and white-out for the sheen on the hair. The image is based on one from an ad we received via fax machine. The man was originally a patient in a doctor's office, but he could also be a cover model for a Harlequin romance novel. I made several variations on this man and his doctor, but I believe that this is the only extant copy. I pinned it proudly to my cubicle walls and deemed it worthy of taking home when I quit that awful position.

At my current job, I have my own office, with art prints adorning the walls (one of my choosing, one not). Nice as it is to have professionally-made paintings in my work area, seeing this again inspires me to try a new art project. But first, we've got over 160 applications to sort through for the Craftstravaganza!

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