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Kerouac weekend

Today, I am excited that our new digital camera has arrived in the mail. New photos may be coming soon to this blog. I'm even more excited about my impending trip to Iowa City to see the On The Road manuscript this weekend. It's on display at the University of Iowa through this weekend. This is as close as it's coming to us in Minnesota, so now is our best chance to see it. This is the first stop on its tour when it has been fully rolled out for display. If J. were willing, I'd read the whole thing right there in the museum.

So we're on the road to Iowa City, an exotic, assuredly scenic place that I have never visited. If anyone has a recommendation for a good vegetarian eatery or wine bar, by all means share with the rest of the class. I always like to search out good restaurants when I go out of town. The eating out, it is something I avoid while at home, but usually a very pleasurable part of my vacations.

Speaking of terrible segues, I totally forgot that The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is coming out this summer! I think I blocked it from my memory, actually, because I was so afraid they would flub it. But I just saw the trailer (albeit without sound, here at work) and visually, at least, it looks very promising. Certainly prettier than the BBC version. And after reading interviews with some of the people involved, and realizing that the project is based on a screenplay by Douglas Adams himself, I'm allowing my hopes to be got up.

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