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Days go by

I've been so busy filling myself up with the true spirit of Christmas that I haven't had the heart to blog. It was a very strange feeling to decorate our little Christmas tree in our little apartment with just my new wife. "This is something I'm supposed to be doing with my family," I told her. Then I realized in a new way that she really is my family now. It was a strange, wonderful, magical thing. I stopped by my parents' house last night and picked up some ornaments to decorate our tree. It's like I'm really growing up.

Tonight is the party with my local friends to celebrate our successes with novel writing attempts. Dr. Vono and I both reached 50,000 words last month. His wife made some significant progress on hers but slowed down to focus on quality. And my other participating friend had computer issues and lost her novel for good. According to the official site, it looks like there were 5,891 verified winners this year. I can't find a number of total participants, though, so that number doesn't mean much to me. I'd like to say that my friends and I came out overall above the average success rate. Although, to be honest, what really makes WriMo a success is what you get out of it personally. You can't really quantify that.

Personally, I'm glad I did it. NaNaWriMo helped to jumpstart something that I've wanted to do for a long time but might never have done without that kick in the pants. Now I'm just trying to stay on task and actually finish this thing.

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stag said...

So did you realize she WAS your family right after you said you should be doing this with your family? I hope so. You have a new family! Hope they all have a good holiday!